FIFA suspends Congolese coach for 20 years for sexual abuse

After discovering that a former youth coach from the Democratic Republic of the Congo had sexually abused a young player, the Federation of International Football Associations on Friday banned him for twenty years.

The international football regulatory body released a statement stating that Jonathan Bukabakwa has been “found guilty of sexually abusing a minor football player.” According to the statement, the adjudicatory chamber had also fined Bukabakwa 100,000 Swiss francs, or 112,000 USD. FIFA said that the investigation resulted from claims made on various media outlets that coaches in various DR Congo levels and areas had sexually abused youngsters.

A five-month temporary suspension was imposed on Bukabakwa earlier this year.

The adjudicatory panel “was comfortably satisfied that Mr. Bukabakwa had breached the Code of Ethics,” according to FIFA, following an inquiry.

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