Eazie Boi, The voice of a united continent

Eazie Boi, the voice of a united continent/Eazie Boi, the voice of a socialist society


Raymond Israel, popularly known as Eazie Boi, is a dynamic professional Ib-based music recording artist… A songwriter, singer and rapper…Eazie Boi is an indigene of the state of Akwa Ibom… He’s released heartwarming singles like Oshey. , Dispare, Burning Bridge, Endsarz Symphony. He just wanted to thank he’s Fans audience around the world for their support from day one. He is currently working on new projects combining his commitment to Pan-Africanis and a socialist government breeding consciousness into Afro-beats and hip-hop music. His commitment allowed him to write two songs for One Map Africa: Revolutionary Greetings from OMA and the O.M.A United anthem for One Map Africa (OMA).

He places himself in the lineage of pan-African singers like Paul Robeson, Miriam Makeba and the all time greats legendary Fela Kuti. His vision of a united continent and a socialist society is an awareness of the importance of pan-African solidarity of the continent and the diaspora. He is particularly interested in the little-known African diaspora of the Indian Ocean. This has developed a genre of music coming from Africa with local adaptations in South India, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Reunion Island.
This idea of a united Africa is found in his lyric: Revolutionary Greetings From OMA

For the vocalist, Africa is rich in its diversity and its unity around the philosophical concept Ubuntu. He likes to recall the strength of the Kemits and of the young African today who wishes to take charge of her future.
This commitment begins with his EndSarz symphony, a text committed to calling for an end to police brutality. ENdSars is this social movement of protest against the political violence carried out by the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, a unit of the Nigerian police. This mass protest movement calls for an end to oppression and police brutality in Nigeria. Eazie Boi then embraced socialist ideas. In his leaflet, he calls for socialist revolution in his country, Nigeria, which has problems with brutality, corruption and massacres. He then became the spokesperson for an entire generation of young Nigerians wishing to improve their living conditions.

He wants to make it known that he is working hard and will release his debut album in 2024. Although the release date has not yet been set, it will be communicated via his social media account.
Facebook Page:- Eazie Nation
Instagram account:- iam_eazieboi

His style of music and his musical genre are a panel of his talents. Although he is gifted in rapping and singing, his preferred style remains afro-beats. He is part of the lineage of current Naija artists who assert themselves as African and Afrobeat remains his favorite genre.
Rap remains a means of expression on political and social issues in Africa but also in the world. Singing is another cool way for Eazie Boi to express his feelings and communicate his ideas to the world.

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